Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys represents the ambition and long-held dream of the MSC Group and the Aponte family to create a transformative luxury ocean travel experience and brand that redefines the luxury cruise category.

This is a story that starts in Sorrento with a Neapolitan ferry captain, Gianluigi Aponte, who – together with the Swiss sweetheart he met when she was a passenger on one of his crossings – went on to create MSC, a global shipping operation and the world’s largest privately-owned cruise company. Now this Swiss-Italian seafaring family are fulfilling their life-long dream and launching Explora Journeys, an exquisite, modern luxury cruise experience like no other.

The Aponte family records date back to the 17th century from which 300 years of sea-faring expertise, alongside an inherent passion and respect for the sea has developed.

Indeed, the ocean and its influence on us as human beings sits at the very heart of the Explora Journeys brand.

The oceans connect you with yourself, people and the places around you. It relaxes you, and creates an energy in you that inspires inner and outer discovery, broadens horizons and triggers new connections.

All of this, creates an emotional connection that is powerful, transformative, yet universal.

We call it the Ocean State of Mind

A state of mind that has helped create Explora Journeys.
A state of mind inspired by the blue waters of our seas and oceans.
Characterised by calm, unity, elegance and joy, that encourages inner and outer exploration and discovery.
One that appeals to our audience’s desire for mindful travel.
A state of mind that embodies a consciousness of how guests go, not just where they go.
This is what Explora Journeys will uniquely provide for our guests.