Coral Expeditions

Coral Expeditions

Coral Expeditions is a 33 year old Australian expedition cruise company. We operate and manage a fleet of 3 small ships taking guests to some of the most beautiful, yet undiscovered, regions of Asia-Pacific. Over 5,000 travellers from all over the world come to us every year for our relaxed small ship atmosphere and itineraries which larger ships cannot replicate. Our operations are bespoke and sometimes not commercially justifiable, but result in a more personal product. We have limited the size of our ships to maximise the expedition experience. Our cuisine is prepared small batch on board, and while the style is down to earth, it reflects high quality Australian produce and wine. We operate to Australian standards of safety with Australian senior crew wherever we go. We were the first to offer interpretive programmes on our cruises and to employ Expedition Leaders, Guest Lecturers, Marine Biologists, and SCUBA Instructors – a tradition that continues today.

Relaxed environment – True to our Australian heritage, our ship environment is designed to be casual. There is no dress code or assigned seating at meal times. Our ship layout encourages mingling. Complimentary coffee and tea stations are open throughout the day in the lounge and dining areas. There are no in-room televisions or room service, but there is plenty of common space. Also, we operate an open bridge policy and encourage guests to visit the bridge and observe ship operations. Our Captains enjoy the open interaction they share with our guests.

Professional service – we offer high standards of comfort and care, but without any formality or stuffiness. Our crew are trained to be attentive but are always open to a friendly chat. We maintain the highest standards of marine and passenger safety; we follow Australian standards in our staffing and operations.

Unique coastal expedition itineraries – our guests come to us because of our unique destinations and shore-rich programmes. Our shallow-draught ships can go where larger ships cannot. We shy away from long ocean voyages. Every day typically has at least one stop for water or land-based activities. On each voyage we will have a Trip Director or Expedition Leader, and on longer voyages, we have Guest Lecturers who are typically experts in the geology, history or flora and fauna of the region. Our Trip Directors and Expedition Leaders come with marine or local expertise.


All meals, morning and afternoon teas are included.

Dietary Needs and Special Requirements

Special dietary foods can be provided, however Coral Princess Cruises must be notified in writing of specific requirements at least three weeks prior to sailing, along with any special anniversaries or birthdays you may be celebrating while aboard.

Tipping not required

Other cruise lines automatically add gratuities to your account and service charges to your bar invoices. On a Coral Princess Cruise, our crew has no other agenda than your delight, and tipping is completely optional.


When joining a Coral Princess Cruise, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Coral Princess Cruises does not provide services of entertainment, supervision or care of children. Our itineraries are quite adventurous and we therefore recommend children aged above 12 years of age will enjoy the challenge and experience the most.

For cruise around the Great Barrier Reef, Yes, We cater for children of all ages. We will also supply cots and highchairs, please note however 2 weeks notice prior to travel will be required.